Abstract – Sandro Zisa’s solo exhibition



Sandro Zisa’s solo exhibition

November 11th – 24th, 2017

Inauguration Saturday 11th November H.18.30

InArte Werkkunst Gallery is glad to present “Abstract”, solo exhibition by Sandro Zisa, painter and photographer represented by InArte Werkkunst gallery.

In his abstract works, it is the color that prevails on the form, it is stratified on the canvas, in the form of colorful spots, often in a material way and tends to arouse inner emotions, using only the brightness of colors to convey emotions.

This is the language with which Sandro Zisa frees his creativity, totally free from norms and conventions, leaving entirely the figurative, to create an aesthetic experience with signs and matter. The work thus created translates into the journey that describes the whole interaction between reality, sensitivity and creativity.