Davide Beretta

Davide Beretta

Milanese artist, born in Milan on November 17th, 1961, from an artist father and an housewife mother. In the 1970s he began to cultivate the passion for art by participating in school exhibitions.

In the approach to painting by Davide Beretta, one must take into account the role played by working in his father’s workshop where he learned the use of work tools including drills, that later in his artistic years will become his brush. He mixes color to modeling by creating his first works, which have great success between friends and relatives. He refines the preparations of his designs, the sketches and the colors, discovering new traits and more sophisticated craftsmanship, enhancing particular traits of his artworks more and more everyday.

The most striking aspect of Beretta’s work is the technique of engraving and the use of supporting materials that make the work a reality far removed from the artists of our century but absolutely at the forefront of the most true expression of painting. The works are drawn on wooden panels, hand-carved with drills and the pieces are treated with primers and later sanded. Once ready, a first coat of neutral paint is given, then the final color; once dry, he reassembles each piece by piece recreating the initial design.

On commission, Master Davide Beretta also makes portraits (see photo gallery: Marylin, George Michael, Madonna, Jimmy Hendrix, Jackson, Verdi, etc.).

In 2011 he participated in ARTE at the Fiera of Reggio Emilia, attracting considerable interest from the public and critics.

In 2011 it is published in the magazine ARTE n ° 5 and # 13.

In 2011, in collaboration with the art gallery IN ARTE GALLERY, Benedict XVI received an artwork by receiving thanks from the Holy Church.

In 2012 he is published in the magazine ARTE SHOP n ° 5.

In 2012 he participates in a competition launched by the City of Milan and the Transport Company A.T.M. receiving the painting award with the opera TRAM CARRELLI 1928.

In 2013 it is published in the magazine ART & ART with the work VERDI.

In 2013 he participates in the contest of contemporary art “La Spadarina”, receiving the jury and the critics award with the work GROOVE.

In 2013 he participates in Seveso’s Seville Grand Art Trophy Receiving the FIRST Special Prize for Painting with the PASSION work.

In 2013 he participates in the Gran Gala of the Contemporary Arts Museum of Augustinian ROMA with the work GREEN.

In 2013 it is published in the internal company magazine NOI ATM with interview and with the works PASSION and ARPEGGI.