Edoardo Miola


“… An important part of my research is the wait: if one is to wait, sooner or later something happens and it will be seen by my eyes and the story told by my camera. In that moment the photographer disappears, he becomes almost invisible. Anticipation fills the void and triggers improvisation, although I think improvisation is guided by the situation, not by a random moment. I love that my photographs represents nature, people and situations that I run into along my path, not as an anthropologist or as a traditional journalist. I am in fact interested in the emotions that always fill my emptiness, and which I can share with those who observe my shots. ”


Born in Genoa, he lives alternately in Italy, Sweden and South Africa. He has been an architect since 1979, working with Renzo Piano, Aldo Rossi and with several high level foreign architects and designers. He dedicates himself to the realisation of prototypes and models related to the field of design, architecture and scientific environment, creating models even for dynamic and mechanical tests: from floorboards of sailing boats to skyscrapers for stress testing in case of earthquakes.


From the age of 14, photography is his latent passion. In time he runs into reportage photography, holds photography workshops and exhibitions all over the world with the world’s greatest photographers like Steve McCurry and Michael Yamashita.


As a navigator, traveller and biker the artist always favours adventure to every other kind of tourism. After visiting the whole of Europe, in 1972 he made his first trip to Asia, Iran, Afghanistan. He knows North Africa, the Arab countries, Indochina and all the Nordic countries very well, and is attracted to Australia. He also devotes ample space to the documentation of South Africa and South America.


Fascinated by travel literature, he recognises “slow wanderings” as true value of knowledge and discovery. In 2007, he followed Thich Nhat Hanh during his return to Vietnam after 40 years of exile in France. He composed some travel logs: Vietnam, Mongolia, Australia, Southern Africa, Japan. and He feels true stability is located in exploration. He considers journeys to have a wide therapeutic value and he is able to establish an excellent relationship with all the people he encounters in his continuous exploration.


In a kind of irrepressible curiosity he is driven by an incessant desire to meet new souls in every corner of the world.


His work has received awards at the Nikon Photo Contest in 2013 and the MIA (Milan Image Art Fair) in 2015.


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