Enzo Bianco


Enzo Bianco (Naples, 1955)

Independent artist, has always been involved in visual experimentation.

Enzo Bianco has crossed many expressive styles, from graphics, to watercolor, to ceramics, to drawing.

His commitment to editorial graphics and visual communication has thus accustomed  him to an artistic rigor, which has its starting point in the making of the first sketch.

The idea of ​​art as a project, however, does not prevent him from exploring the different fields of expression with which he constantly confronts, aware of the specificity of each of them.

During his artistic career he has held numerous Solo exhibitions in Salerno, Ravello, Milan and Vienna. His artistic activity is characterized by a constant need to explore and give life to his suggestions with symbols and materials he comes in contact with.

This need to discover amplifies its totally eclectic creative condition.

Today this awareness leads him to carry out ceramic designs that he has exhibited in Italy and the United States. Currently, in addition to the work of painting, he also dedicates himself to the design and implementation of urban architecture and environmental art projects, preferring ceramics, stone and steel.

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