Professor of Literature in High Schools, politician, publisher, publicist, writer, poet, critic and painter. In 2014 he was elected Mayor of Sarnico (Bg), where he lives and works. Painter for more than a decade of intense faces and portraits, always attentive to the psychology of the subjects he represents.

Founder and publisher of several newspapers, including “The Poncho”, “The Blob,” “The Peacemaker” and “Il Giornale del Basso Sebino”.

His publications include: “A collection of poems by the Lake – 120 nightly opera” (2002), “Proceedings of the University of Bergamo – Monsignor Eugenio Noradino Torricella, a priest from Bergamo between anti-fascism and Vichy France (2007),” Songs for Vanessa “(Trilogy of Love, 2013),” the Goddess of Fools Twenty (Trilogy of Love, 2014), “Pure essence, as the Rose” (Trilogy of Love, 2015), “Hellas” (2016), ” Love Thought “(2016),” Other Loves Fools “(2016).


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