Ivan Picenni

Ivan Picenni

Born in Chignolo D’Isola (Italy) on 14/04/1960, Picenni was raised in a simple and farmer family that, for a job opportunity abroad, had to ask a college to care and educate for him.

“From the age of three to eight at the college where I was raised I lived experiences I would dare to say good, but lacked the family affection … … at that college I started to make the first drawings, as all the kids do. The first one I remember as it was yesterday; it was a bottle that was placed horizontally and, by adding ears and paws, it turned into a pig … The main symbol of my early works of art.

The passion for drawing was getting so stronger that I self-taught myself how to color, drawing, using anything to recreate something that was exciting to me at that time.

Over time I realized that I needed somebody to help me understand my skill level. The confirmation of my skill level came soon by attending courses with art masters: I can mention Mazzoleni, Tonissi and Savinelli …

I can really thank them; their work has, I do not say completed me, but directed me on a path of humility, simplicity and artistic creativity that alone I would have never find out.

My evolution, though, knows only one name: Dr. Orietta Pinessi; she was able to free my skills by stirring me on an artistic journey rather than an academic one.

From the end of the 90s to the beginning of the 2000s I have now under described my steps, from those made with the masters to those made to continue my artistic journey.



Still life

Study of the human body

City Period Including Geometric Shapes, Pain and Loneliness, Childhood Memories, Red Houses, Angelitors, N 35.


Returning from Morocco begins a new phase.

Landscapes from childhood memories:

The bed of the college with blanket. Hidden. Nature alive and dead.

In the course of my evolution, some paintings have been donated to associations or retired from people who are fond of my style.

I did not list the various exhibitions both collective and personal, from Bergamo to the Veronese. I had the honor of getting first to GREPPI exhibition.

I have been the best symbolist of Bardolino ‘s collective, and the work has remained  at ROMANINO with a watercolor loaded with memories.

All started with a mini painting course made in Spirano taught by the artist Mazzoleni in 1997.

Later, with La Bottega dell’Arte a Mozzo, with the teachings of Tonissi and Savinelli for 4 or 5 years I have refined my skills.

In 2000/1 the turn, ORIETTA PINESSI shows me the way to follow ……… everything opens.

But I also have to thank my companions of artistic and cultural exchanges, friends Savinelli and Salmoiraghi.”


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