Ivo Finardi


Ivo Finardi was born on October 14, ’43 in the province of Ferrara. He spent his childhood in Verbania on Lake Maggiore, where his father owned a cafe, with a cards and pool room. After attending grammar school in Brescia, in ’68 he graduated in engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan; after which he became an officer in the tank drivers division of the Italian military and in ’71 he got married to his current wife. Until ’84 he worked as a freelancer in business organisation and then in management control. “At this time” – the artist says ironically – “the only “artistic” work was painting one wall of the tavern for my children who at the time were little.” In 1984 he purchased the company he currently owns, first a 49% stake, shortly after reaching 91%.


In 2010, the artist’s wife asks him to make a painting that depicts the island of Tavolara in Sardinia for her parents. For this reason Ivo Finardi decides to begin working on the painting, which lead to the creation of more than 100 artistic works. With a sense of passion, dedication and also, as it were, entertainment, he became deeply involved in the creation of landscapes, characters and personalities, portraits and objects of his passions, such as horses. His paintings are characterised by the not inconsiderable power of colour, making every landscape and every person unique.


He got his first exhibition with the Gallery and Auction House InArte Werrkunst Gallery in 2015, “Fragmentary Thought”, held in Germany, in Berlin; In the same year, in October, the artist exhibited the work “Gay Love in the Great War” at Casa Museo del Conte Verde in Rivoli (TO); The painting will be relocated to the Cultural Center Sebinia in Sarnico (BG) until the end of the year, along with other works displayed at the Memorial Exhibition for the centenary of the Great War.


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