Mario Puccio and Rossana de Francesco

Life partners, they share the passion for art together, taking on different artistic paths but still united.

Mario Puccio was born in Catanzaro (Italy) on March 7th, 1928. He completed his studies in Salerno and Naples, where he graduated in Engineering in 1962. He worked for the Trentina Electricity Company in Milan and Bolzano in the field of design and construction of hydroelectric plants; subsequently, for the Italian electric company ENEL, he worked in the research field of building materials, in the Italian cities of Milan and Brindisi. Puccio is part of international commissions operating in the field of disposal and re-use of by-products from coal combustion in power plants.

His artistic activity dates back to the 1950s and does not stop even during his intense working career, drawing inspiration from frequent travel abroad. His natal origin and years spent in the South of Italy have greatly influenced the formation of its palette that, after a first period of monochromatic painting, of remarkable plastic content, has been enriched by interesting color combinations.

Since 1993 he has been working, full time, for his artistic activity in the studio of Cernusco sul Naviglio, that shares with his wife, since 1958, Rossana de Francesco.

Participation in public art events began in the 1950s, in Salerno, as part of a group hosted by the Provincial Tourism Authority of Salerno; continues in Milan in the ’60s and’ 70s, with participation in competitions organized annually by ENEL.

Rossana de Francesco was born in Rome on June 15th, 1931. De Francesco completed her studies in Rome, Milan and other northern cities, including Cernusco sul Naviglio, due to the reposition of his father, a career officer.

In 1945 she was in Salerno, where she graduated in classical high school and later has work experiences as a secretary at a bookstore. In 1948 she met Mario Puccio, whom she married in 1958. Since 1993 she lives and works in Cernusco sul Naviglio.

Since a small age she shows artistic tendencies. In the 1950s she obtained a ceramic diploma at the Institute of Art of Salerno and later participate in paintings and ceramics exhibitions organized by the Provincial Tourism Authority of Salerno, with pleasing reviews about her plastic interpretations.

The care for her family, who is soul and support, does not hinder her need to express herself through art: for example she performs many portraits of the two children at various ages.

But her true artistic strength resides in her fantasy, which drives her to make fantastic figures and portraits, highlighting her plastic talents, also expressed through pottery and figurines born from raging stones, found on a beach in Brindisi (Italy).

Almost always present, in her fantasy works, a dramatic content, a manifestation of internal anguish.

Solo exhibitions togheter:

– Milan in 1979, at the gallery in Via Tardino.

– Nocera Inferiore (SA), in 2004 and 2007, in the castle of the Fienga Park.

– Viareggio, in 2005.

– Rome, in 2011, at the Canova gallery at piazza del Popolo.

Both have become part of the InArte team after participating to the international exhibition event NowArt. During the winter of 2017 they will participate to the collective exhibition “Feast of Color” at the InArte Werkkunst gallery venue in Berlin. 2018 will open with a personal exhibition in Bergamo.

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