Paolo Colombini


Paul Colombini was born and raised in the heart of the Dolomites, in Fornace, Trentino. His artistic sensibility is fuelled by the extraordinary and mysterious events of those landscapes. His artistic path is characterised by an inner dialogue with nature. River creatures and flowers are works exhibited in influential national galleries, monolithic objects of great visual appeal in which the material and artistic gesture are joined into a single intimate and indissoluble bond.


Paul Colombini manufactures small sized works in private collections of of monumental dimensions. He participates in many important contemporary exhibitions in Milan, Padua, Verona, Bolzano. His works are validated by publications and awards as well as commissions from around the world.


Paul Colombini’s works can be found in private collections in Italy, England, Austria, Germany, USA, France and the Netherlands. In addition, a collection of his works are on permanent display on the island of Certosa in Venice.


“Original and unique”, was the definition given by Vittorio Sgarbi about the stone sculptures made by Paolo Colombini, after the famous Italian art critic visited his study in Trentino.


Understandably proud of the appreciation, Colombini published his finished works in a catalogue (among which “Nassyria”, in memory of the attack against the Italian military base in Iraq, in the centre of the roundabout at the Top Center) and told Vittorio Sgarbi about the success of a solo exhibition the previous summer in China, following a similar success recorded in London. The art critic stayed for about an hour wandering in the large square in front of the house and offices between the stonework smoothed by hand, stopping every now and again to evaluate them better, stepping a few meters back to observe the works more keenly, and showing interest also in the origin and geological age of the rocks.


Beyond the compliments received by Vittorio Sgarbi the artist himself has expressed his surprise with how a stone suitably cut and coloured in some part, can provoke such strong emotions.