Roberto Carlocchia


Roberto Carlocchia was born in 1949 in Potenza Picena (MC) where he lives and works. After the technical diploma he attends the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata under the guidance of Remo Brindisi. An artistic period lived, between the sixties and eighties, with the creation of many paintings and participating in impromptu and local and national exhibitions with critical interest and public success. In 1977 he began his professional career which, along with painting, will range from graphic design to advertising, where in 1994 he qualified as Technical Advertising Professional as a copywriter in the creative field.

Expert in prepress techniques, offset printing, screen and digital printing today while continuing to work on graphic design and illustration, is mostly returned with great assiduity to develop new projects with new and numerous works in painting, natural compendium of success to its recently anthology staff “All colors of utopia”.

His paintings are projects, mirages and metaphorical visions, between fantasy and reality. Always, style and design in the subjects of his works keep alive the curiosity and the desire to imagine the world with different optics, intentionally surreal and very innovative. An art symbolic and conceptual where messages in his paintings are often infused with an unmistakable desire to positivity, generated from their emotional feelings and stressed the irrepressible force in the use of color.

Exhibitions and competitions from 2015

September 2015 – “ALL THE COLORS OF UTOPIA” Exhibition of paintings and graphics

   Auditorium F. Scarfiotti of Potenza Picena (MC) Retrospective 1963-2015.

   Event published on ARTE MONDADORI n. 505 in September 2015.


   Edited by Loredana Finicelli at ArtOttica Gallery in Porto Potenza (MC).

January 2016 – “SAME” Collective Exhibition of Visual Arts organized by Catia Monacelli, at the Museo Civico Rocca Flea Gualdo Tadino (PG.)

March 2016 – “CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITION ROME” Flyer Art Gallery in Rome.

• April 2016 – “900 & 2000” Exhibition of Modern Art at Accorsi Turin Gallery.

April 2016 – “LANDSCAPES OF ITALY” group exhibition curated by Catia Monacelli

   Cultural Center House Cajani of Gualdo Tadino (PG).

• May 2016 – “Visions & FICTION” Palazzo Clusini in Michelangiolesco Museum

    Caprese Michelangelo (AR) in a show by contemporary painters. May 2016 – International Prize A.U.P.I. 2016 section. Painting (VI Prize with “Sowing” work).

May 2016 – “NOWART” Great international exhibition of contemporary art

    with the presence of Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi and Dr. Giorgio Grasso – InArte Werkkunst Gallery of Bergamo.

June 2016 – “GEFUNDENE OBJEKT” InArte Werkkunst Gallery in Berlin.

• June 2016 – “CONTEMPORARY” International Collective in Pallfy Palace in Bratislava. by Maria and Andrea Hortanova Baffoni. • June 2016 – “ART OSAKA EXPÒ 2016″ Gallery System of Osaka.

August 2016 – “Festival of Art and Friendship Italy Russia” Gubbio (PG). with Prof. Armando Ginesi art critic and Professor Emeritus of Art History, Academy of Macerata.

October 2016 – “NOWART” at Mediolanum Art Gallery of Padua (ART MONDADORI n. 516 in August 2016).

December 2016 – “NOWART” with the participation of Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi – InArte Werkkunst Gallery Bergamo.

December 2016 – “ARTbeLU” International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Luxembourg.

December 2016 – “VISIONEN & FICTIONS” Solo Exhibition in InArte Werkkunst Gallery in Berlin.

January 2017 – “NOWART” 3rd Prize Roberto Carlocchia for his paintings.

March 2017 – “ALL THE COLORS OF UTOPIA” Images, routes and works from the sixties to today Solo Exhibition in InArte Werkkunst Gallery in Bergamo.