Sandro Zisa


Sandro Zisa was born in Sicily in 1967 with an inborn passion for art. At the age of twelve he took part in and won an art contest with a graphic philatelic test with the theme “1979, international youth year” in celebration of the XXI day of the stamp. Finishing a technical high school he then graduated in architecture. In 1988 he approached photography, teaching himself to use it as a means of expression. In 1992 he took part in “Applied photography course” taught in Scicli by the Colombian architect Polo Baretto Sanchez. In 1995 he taught photography classes in the “G. Lipparini” and “Don Milano” middle schools of Scicli. In his “home studio” in the heart of the countryside of Modica, he has been concentrating on painting and experimenting with different techniques: pastel, watercolour, pencil, acrylic, oil and mixed techniques. Thus started an intense period of personal study and research of great artists both contemporary and past. His more recent artistic marked by his passion for photography starts with the representation of typical Sicilian landscapes and architecture and still life. His profound attraction of the sea and countryside form the basis of his inspiration, the essence of his art. Fascinated by figurative art and the local artistic scene, he follows the “Gruppo di Scicli” with great interest.
He currently lives and works in Modica.

Some of the major Exhibitions:

1995 – 1st Solo photography exhibition, Palazzo Fava, Scicli;

1997 – 2nd Solo photography exhibition “Scicli, tales of a country”, Palazzo Busacca, Scicli;

2002 – Collective “Photo and Pottery in Baroque Scicli”, CRAL Comune of Scicli;

2006 – Solo exhibition “Near Horizons”, Galleria Koinè, Scicli;

2006 – Contemporary exhibition “The baroque sculpt”, Scicli;

2006 – Contemporary exhibition “The colors of the carob”, Frigintini;

2007 – Solo exhibition “The song of the Mediterranean”, Palazzo Spadaro, Scicli.

2007 – Collective, Opera Pia Carpentieri, Scicli.

2008 – Solo exhibition “Mediterranean Atmospheres”, Palazzo Spadaro, Scicli.

2009 – Photo-pictorial collective “From here by the sea”, former Convent of Carmine, Scicli.

2009 – Photo-pictorial collective “From here by the sea”, Salone Chiesa S. Giorgio, Modica.

2009 – Collective painting and photography “The shapes and colors of Val di Noto”, Stone Museum, Sampieri.

2009 – Painters and Graphics “Lost Horizons”, Palazzo Conti, Scicli.

2011 – GAF “Young Art Fair”, Costume Museum, Palazzo Carpentieri, Scicli.

2011 – Contemporary exhibition “Welcome to Paradise”, Colle Monserrato, Modica;

2014 – Collective exhibition: painting and sculpture “Passages: Black and White-monochrome”, Merlino-Bottega d’Arte-Florence.

2014 – Collective “Oscar of Contemporary Arts”, MIIT Museum, Turin.

2015 – Photographic collective exhibition “Off the standard”, Inarte Werkkunst Gallery, Berlin.

2015 – Collective “The Great War”, Inarte Werkkunst Gallery, Rivoli (TO).

2016 – International art collection “Nowart P.1 ^”, Inarte Werkkunst Gallery, Bergamo (BG).

2016 – International art collection “Nowart P.2 ^”, Inarte Werkkunst Gallery, Padua (PD).

2017 – International Personal exhibition”CHROMATIC PERCEPTION”, Inarte Werkkunst Gallery, Berlin

2017 – Personal exhibition “Abstract”, Inarte Werkkunst Gallery, Bergamo


1979 – Best Graphic Study Philatelic School on “1979 International Year of the Child” in celebration of the XXIst Day of the Stamp, Ragusa;

1995 – 1st place in the 1st regional photography competition “Salvatore Traina”, Cammarata (AG);

1995 – Photographic competition “Lights and shadows in the alleys of Modica”, Modica;

1997 – 1st “Aldo Sorriso” photo contest on “Sicily: traditions, folklore, environments and landscapes”, Licata (AG);

2006 – 1st at contemporary exhibition “Baroque Sculpture”, Scicli.

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