Silvia Gaffurini was born in Brescia in 1965 and graduated from the Vincenzo Foppa High School of Art in 1983.

She obtained an academic license in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, in Milan, in 1987 under the guidance of Prof. Saverio Terruso.

At the same time, during the academic years begins a training course at restoration workshops of works of art and this allows her to start acting directly on the conservation of the artistic heritage.

These are the years of technical training, of aesthetic sensibility and of the maturation of awareness of the fundamental role of conservative recovery of works of art.

1990: Arte & Linea was born as an individual company. Gaffurini completes numerous important restoration works concerning works (ancient and modern paintings, frescoes) of private collections, public and ecclesiastical goods.

2013-2015: For the Academy of Fine Arts LABA of Brescia Gaffurini teaches restoration and conservation of painted works and ancient wooden tables, at the restoration department.

The working experience that lasted for about thirty years, as well as the role of teacher, become the foundations on which the creative inspiration at the base of his photography is based, a key to reading in order to enter his artistic / narrative world that tells how the flow time does not alter things but transforms them.

The thought that since the beginning has guided his work as a “photographer artist” has been to try to put in harmony the human being with beauty and for her, who has been in contact with the ancient works of art for years in her career as a restorer, beauty means bringing out the best part of the human being, the fragile, delicate, the one that can be lost, as happens with works of art, fragile, delicate, destined to get lost in time if not adequately nurtured, cared for and guarded.

Take care of how you should look after a human being so as not to make him feel alone, take care of, how we should take care of those we love and cherish, as it is customary to carefully preserve what is most precious to us.

Through symbols coming from classical art, like the images of Italian statuary, with “fragments” of ancient paintings, through the practice of reusing manual techniques, even restoration, reinterpreted and superimposed to the photographic medium, such as the use of dry tips that affect the paper, Gaffurini’s work is constantly projected towards a dimension that remains the elusive one of the concept of the beyond, that is, beyond time.

Her works therefore bear the concepts of restoration that have guided her in her professional life, concepts that she has tried to superimpose on women, men and the landscape using photography.

Her work has the ambition, but not the presumption, to bring out in the women and men of his time the emotion given by the work of art and the importance of its protection, because only by saving art will we also save an important part of ourselves.

The photographic works of Silvia Gaffurini have been exhibited in prestigious Italian and international fairs. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions at Italian and foreign galleries and his works are part of private collections.

Will be present in the third edition of the catalog “The solitary body: the self-timer in photography” by Giorgio Bonomi.

One of his works has been acquired in the self-portrait archive at the Musinf museum – Museum of modern information and photography in Senigallia.

Solo Shows

2017 Oltreverso – InArte Werkkunst Gallery, Bergamo.

2015 Tempo Vita, Spaziofarini6 Gallery, Milano.

2014 Tempo Vita, MIA Photo Fair a cura di Gigliola Foschi


2018 Plastic BagFleur de, Fiera MIA Photo Fair, Galleria Glenda Cinquegrana, Milano

2015 Patching the Gap – Fiera MIA Photo Fair, Progetto Expo, Spaziofarini6 Gallery, Milano.

2015 Tempo Vita – Fiera FOTOFEVER Paris, Carrousel du Louvre, Spaziofarini6 Gallery, Milano.


2018 Fleur deCorpi Seducenti a cura di Giorgio Bonomi, Umbertide, Perugia.

2018 Genesi, InArte Werkkunst Gallery, Matera.

2018 Poker di donne, Galleria Marzia Spatafora, Brescia.

2017 Genesi, Mostra Concorso EneganArt 2017,Firenze.

2017 Patching the gap – InArte Werkkunst Gallery, Bergamo.

2017 Tempo Vita -Tracks, InArte Werkkunst Gallery, Berlino.

2016 Tempo Vita – Patching the gap -Tracks, InArte Werkkunst Gallery, Bergamo.

2016 Insertum Rouge -Tempo Vita, InArte Werkkunst Gallery, Padova.

2015 Tempo Vita, Fotofever, Paris, Carrousel du Louvre – Spaziofarini6 Gallery, Milano.

2015 Patching the gap, MIA Photo fair Expo, Spaziofarini gallery, Milano.


2017 Finalista, Premio EneganArt 2017, Firenze.


2018 Catalogo mostra Corpi Seducenti nudi di donna a cura di Giorgio Bonomi, Perugia.

2018 Catalogo mostra Poker di donne a cura di Marzia Spatafora, Maretti Editore, S.Marino.

2017 Catalogo mostra Rinascita a cura di EneganArt, Firenze.

2017 Catalogo mostra Novart a cura di in Arte Werkkunst, Bergamo.

2017 PhotoVogue, sezione portfolio, edizione online.

2017Il Fotografo, 
N°292 di Aprile 2017, editore Sprea, Milano.

2015 Catalogo Artisti Fiera MIA Photo Fair, Milano.

2015 Catalogo Artisti FOTOFEVER, Parigi.

2014 Catalogo Fiera MIA Photo Fair, Milano.


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