“The Great War” in November 2015, in Rivoli (TO)


The primary objective of more than ten years of the founder of INARTE Galleries is to promote, through important cultural projects supported by institutional bodies, the artistic expressions of the new contemporary authors who, today in the age of globalization face the world stage with new techniques (like artistic photography), new approaches (digital and kinetic) and engaging performances. The commemorative exhibition of “The Great War” and the catalogue dedicated to it, have been specially designed by INARTE to bring the audience closer to a vision of the dramatic act of war using art of guarantied emotional impact as medium. With the intention of shaking consciences, to encourage the public to ask new questions, using this commemorative event on the First World War.

The artists included in the catalogue and presented in show were selected by a committee of the European Union Experts of Art and by a specifically appointed scientific committee for this opportunity. At the end of the event three awards will be assigned to the artists: CRITICS AWARD, JOURNALIST’S AWARD, AUDIENCE AWARD. The journalists and the public who visit the exhibition will be able to cast their vote by choosing the work that they think best represents the spirit of the commemoration event. Saturday, November 28, 2015 at h.18: 00 in the Conference Hall of the Casa del Conte Verde the artists will be awarded to be followed by the play “24 May 1915” by the Council for Culture of the City of Rivoli (TO).

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