With the NOWART circuit, the InArte Werkkunst Gallery, who boast many years of experience in the arts sector, has dedicated itself to the enhancement of emerging contemporary artists proposing events of international importance. The program of 2016 NOWART offers various exhibitions, all with the presence of prof. Vittorio Sgarbi.

The first section of NOWART will take place within the InArte WK Gallery of Bergamo located in P.le Loverini 3, from 6th to 27th May 2016 allowing the exhibition of one work by each artist; The second section of NOWART instead willl be a later exhibition that will be divided in to two periods, from 1st to 16th October 2016, and from October 22nd to November 9th 2016, at the new venue of Mediolanum ART GALLERY in the exhibition area of the Mediolanum Bank in Padua.

In this space each participating artist will be provided with an illuminated panel sized 220X180cm where the artist can arrange their works however they like within the space provided.

Three prizes will be awarded:
1st prize: a solo exhibition in the Berlin InArte WK Gallery including flights, accommodation, event flyers and publication in the “events” of our website, or, alternatively, cash prize of € 4,500.00;
2nd prize: an annotated monograph, or alternatively, a cash prize of € 2,500.00;
3rd prize: a critique from Prof.Giorgio Grasso, or alternatively a cash prize of € 1,000.00.

All participating artists will receive a certificate of participation, in addition to the publication of their works on NOWART MAGAZINE, a magazine dedicated to the event.

The WK Staff, comprised of experts in modern and contemporary art, makes appraisals and certifications with international validity. Furthermore InArte WK is the headquarters of the association European Union of Italian Art Experts. Enrolled in ArtPrice, the world leader in art market information, through which you can get a recognition in a global market, in 2016 InArte Werkkunst became an Auction House.

The NOWART path essential for all those artists who want to acquire recognition and a stronger position in the art market as well as a substantial enrichment to their artistic Curriculum.

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