“Inner Garden” Personal exhibition of the Artist Angelo Savarè in Berlin from September 9th


Personal exhibition of the Artist Angelo Savarè in Berlin from September 9, 2016

In the life of every individual we must stop for a while, to find a silent pause reflecting on who we are and learn about the meaning of our daily actions in the world.
“Today, we tend to forget that the soul is not only inside ourselves, but also outside of us. And when we are in a garden, whether it’s an Asian garden or a French garden or any other type of garden, it manifests something of “anima mundi” “the soul of the World becomes visible and, indeed, it showcases.”

The garden is a metaphor of our psyche, with a delicate and skillful blend of wild and controlled, spontaneous and modeled.

The garden becomes what Jung called the “objective psyche”. With it the brightest and the most hidden, its most cared aspects and those perhaps neglected, its strengths, from which to draw energy in moments of great vulnerability, and with its limits, those parts of himself which still you must work to achieve a greater harmony. A balance between all the elements of the garden.

Yes, because using an expression dear to socrates, the soul, like the garden, “it should be done” in the sense that must be cultivated: “It requires attention. It requires beauty. It requires learning” and INARTE WERKKUNST could only propose this through art, thanks to the skill and the interesting message enclosed, the interesting works of the Master Angelo Savarè to which, this time there are dedicated staff in our Berlin headquarters, in Otawiestrasse from 09.09 to 1.10.2016.
So that each of us can cultivate their own inner garden by sowing harmony, optimism, generosity, courage, sincerity, love, gratitude, faith, hope, perseverance and serenity. They will bloom beautiful flowers that will embellish all our soul.
Everyone is welcome at the opening party on Friday 9th September in Berlin, h.18.00.

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