Awards from Moscow to Mario Rossi and Enzo Crispino.

Honorable mentions to two of our photographers have come directly from Moscower MIFA (Moscow International Photo Awards): to Mario Rossi with “My Portfolio” and to Enzo Crispino for both works presented: “The culture of abandonment” and ” Rural world “(click on the links to see Photogalleries in their original pages).

 InArte Werkkunst is proud and pleased that the considerable talent of its artists is recognized worldwide.

Speaking of the much-loved Mario Rossi style, that we always admire so much, the author in the presentation of his work stated: “A single click for me is no longer enough. I would like to represent the dynamism of the real. The middle ground between film, painting and photography “.

Through his interesting work, Enzo Crispino is the sentinel bringing social issues to reflect on recovery, not only architectural but also infrastructural! In fact with the raw images of “The abandonment culture”, the author wants to shake the soul of the audience, that now seems almost anesthetized, inert, inured in front of some symbol of our places and territories.

With the vehemence of its rugged image, the photos of Enzo Crispino are visual shocks gathered in the cities of the province of Reggio Emilia. Those cities, where the glories of intensive urban construction turned into abandoned industrial warehouses and got exposed to wear and tear, often became places of shelter and refuge of new poverty. In presenting his work at MIFA, the author explains: “The urban face has changed radically and, with it, the culture of non-recovery, but only its abandonment. As evidence of this new culture, buildings and urban architecture assume the role of totems in front of our eyes, as a symbol of new civilization. The disco-club “Marabou Music Hall”, located on the Via Emilia in the province of Reggio Emilia, is a concrete example. A popular meeting point in the ’70s and’ 80s has become, with the time, a place of degradation and neglect … “

More subdued tones of the same author on the work “Rural World” focused on reassuring search of cultural identities, sometimes lost as a result of globalization. On his work Crispino states: “Over the last two decades we have witnessed and absorbed a new mass cultural revolution called globalization. This globalization has standardized our lives by erasing our identity, territorial boundaries and human cultural history in each country. Today we feel the need to regain our lost identity, rediscovering a new rurality to recognize ourselves in the cultural roots. “


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