“Ocean and Landscapes” Solo exibithion of Marion Schmidtke


Marion Schmidtke, born in 1961 in Höxter, germany, studied art and music at the university Duisburg from 1983 until 1989.

In the course of these art studies she enjoyed special support from Prof. Hans Brög.

As early as 1992 she held painting and drawing courses for adults. And she worked from 1993 to 2014 in her profession as art and musik teacher.

During this years a series of exhibitions followed, i.e. at the “Universität Duisburg”, in the Reinbek castle near Hamburg, in the castle Borbeck in Essen, in Hamburg “Akademie für Kunst und Gestaltung”, Exhibition “Meereswelten” in the Seamuseum “Multimar Wattforum” in Tönning, “Ozean – Meereswelten und Nordlandschaften” in Bad Oldesloe, Bella Donna Haus, previously in Berlin “InArteWerkkunst Gallery”

The last exhibition was in Bergamo Italy, in the InArte Gallery.

In 2014 Marion Schmidtke and her husband moved to the island of Fehmarn/ baltic sea.

Here she continous to paint large dimensional pictures in her favorite technique acryl.

Some of them are diptychons.

These are often instantaneously captured moments of nordic sceneries.

What is important for her is the distinctiveness and mystery.

Her desire for beauty, calm and clarity can be felt through-out. Everything in her pictures seems to be subtly plant.

As well as the short appearances of the animals, she shows the reflection of the water or lonelyness of the solitarily painted dunes.

Her pictures are unobtrusive in color and expression and make the beholder pause and compare the different approaches towards speed between nature and civilisation.


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