“Mediterranean and Figurants” solo exhibithion of Luciano Bonetti. Vernissage on Friday 28.10.16


InArte Werkkunst Gallery is pleased to present the artist: Luciano Bonetti for “Mediterranean and Figurants” from 28.10 to 11.11.2016. Vernissage Friday, 10/28/2016 H. 16:00 to 19:00

“I always thought that men were slightly actors in a world that is around us. News, media newspapers bewilder us and we are to be leaders, news readers and writers that we turn around.

From this idea was born Figurants cycle, fragile figures, sometimes confused and bewildered from screaming the news. I also wanted to see a positive idea, a chance for our mind to become the rock and stop the flow or maybe channel it in free thought.

The figure who most inspired these thoughts to me is the Black Cat, a cat is not influenced, has its own character and is sincere in its feelings. A cat tells you the truth. Even more the black cat that challenge prejudices and fear’s world while it still remains free.

In the great noise of information, such as a flood, there are news ever m In the great noise of information, such as a flood, there’s news ever more frantic about immigrants’s trips in the Mediterranean Sea.

Thousands of people fleeing towards a world that is still less charming than is being painted but definitely seems more friendly, less impervious, more free than the one from which these people are running away.

From this idea it was born the Mediterranean cycle. I’m trying to give form to what I feel and that I see it’s happening in the Mediterranean Sea during these times.

Among the People who are fleeing, there are some that hoping and struggling , manage to reach the ground and others that do not make it, the bodies of these last are swallowed by the Mediterranean Sea.

I would give light on to their eyes, on the faces and thoughts of all those who cross the Mediterranean in search of a better place. The faces I use to paint are distressed or hopeful or dreamy or sad, or angry, so many faces, so many thoughts, dreams and everything in between.

Deeply they are perhaps, too, only Figurants who are fleeing from a reality to enter a dream or a nightmare.”

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