The eternity of the gesture. Dialogue with Lucio Fontana. Vernissage 19.11.2016 h.18:30


On Saturday, November 19th h.18: 30 InArte Werkkunst Gallery displays “The eternity of the gesture. Dialogue with Lucio Fontana “. The exhibition will include 20 drawings of Lucio Fontana dating back to the ’30s. The artworks of the exhibition are part of the collection of Riccardo Crippa, of Varese, a patron and friend of the teacher and for the occasion are made dialogue with six contemporary artists

In dialogue with the Maestro Lucio Fontana artistic expression of six contemporary artists:
Samuel Arcangioli (sculpture);
Giorgio Bertazzoli (painting);
Vittorio d’Ambros (sculpture);
A.D.Guardigli (Pictish sculpture);
Star Ranza (sculpture);
Angelo Zilio (sculpture).

Finissage 9 dicembre 2016

“And we don’t care that a gesture, accomplished, living a moment or a millennium, because we are convinced that, it is eternal.” Lucio Fontana, the First Manifesto of Spatialism, Milan, May 1947
“… The hand … the continuous repetition of gesture brings to light the eternal memory in humans …” Samuel Arcangioli
“Whit Fontana the concept of open space to the infinite research take me to highlight the sense of gesture and light. The use of metal is congenial to me in this quest. ” Vittorio D’Ambros
“A gesture perpetuated over time brings to life a story, a memory, reinterprets a living in a present moment …” A.D.Guardigli
Fountain for me is inspirational for the instinctive gesture, for the histrionic and experimental choice of materials, the concept that is still and always refer to the beyond “. Stella Ranza
“The gesture is the statement you want to impress on the subject a sense of beauty, vitality and sacredness. To matter, even with the dissolution of the limits in time, it is entrusted with the task of witnessing to the value of the gesture that takes on, in this sense, the value of prayer. ” Angelo Zilio
“The eternity of the gesture makes an alive artist become indelible to the eyes of the World”. Giorgio Bertazzoli

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