Sacred and Profane: a traveling in the painting of Angelo Savarè


InArte Werkkunst Gallery presents

Sacred and Profane: a traveling in the painting of Angelo Savarè
4 – 17 march 2017

The long and complex path of Savarè’s paintings is essentially characterized by two main thematic strands: one figurative: from the social aspect with nuances between the metaphysical and the surreal and one expressive: educational in the sacred art theme.

In the so-called “secular art” Savarè stands out for paintings supported by an excellent technique and great attention to detail with which he has made purely figurative paintings, never static or plane but always with an intrinsic message.

The background scenes are charming views that the artist presents to us as we had never seen them before, using paint and collage masterfully juxtaposed intersecting and outlining the reading area.

The result  is already in itself impressive, but the painter goes further and removes, adds and moves paper shapes which, whether they come on the scene and they stay on the sidelines, lead our imagination elsewhere, suspended between reality and fantasy.

The other part of the exhibition, dedicated to sacred art is reserved to the great decorative work that the artist created in the church of “Santa Maria della Neve“ in “Santa Maria in Prato” in the municipality of San Zenone al Lambro.

An impressive work that affects the entire inside of the church and part of a sequence that starts from the arch above the altar and extend the tunnel opening to the counter, to the side walls and to the roof in an explosion of shapes and colors that tell stories from the Old and New Testament, the Last Judgement to the heavenly Jerusalem.

Within a decade, then, all internal surfaces of the building have been transformed into a global painting that surrounds and involves making the visitor feel part of a situation suspended between earth and sky, between matter and spirit. The sublime opera suggestion is well shown in the exhibition with the help of a sophisticated technique called “immersive” prepared by Valerio Pardi then poured into an interactive video with high fidelity reproduction of the paintings.

In addition to digital photography, the painting cycles are reproduced in “specifics” also from the artistic photography on Paolo Sartorio, who has grasped the most striking aspects in his signature shots.

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