Köpfe V


InArte Werkkunst Gallerie in Berlin is proud to present

Köpfe V, fifth edition of a collective exhibition all about heads!

03.03.2017 – 18.03.2017

Vernissage 03.03.17 at 19:00 at our venue!



Enrico Saresini

Federico Rispoli

Silvia Gaffurini

Gemma Manzoni

Ivan Maggi

Silvia Alessi

Lavinia Longhetto

Stella Ranza

Claudio Pellegrini

Anto Adg

Egon & Edgar Zippel


Köpfe V is a collective exhibition of 12 artists, that will take place at the InArte Werkkunst gallery, Berlin. The title refers and emphasizes the possibility to explore a very artistic part of our bodies: the head, and all its infinite expressions.

Köpfe V is also a way to show and study how artists of different nationalities work and experiment given the same theme.

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