Farben und Düfte – Opening 24.03.17 at 19.00

InArte Werkkunst Gallerie in Berlin is proud to present
Farben und Düfte
“Colors and Scents”, a collective exhibition all about Spring!
24.03.2017 – 15.04.2017
Vernissage 24.03.17 at 19:00 at our venue!
Daniela De Candia
Giorgio Gost
Giovanna Silvestri
Marco Locatelli
Spring is coming and InArte Werkkunst Gallery opens an exhibition by welcoming the Spring.
And ‘This is the time when nature blooms, is reborn and is presented with all its strength and its greatness. Spring confuses and warms. Shows man the desire to go out, breathe the air, and enjoy the spectacle of nature ..
Flowers, air, moon, rain … .the elements of nature have inspired the new collective “colors and scents.
“Colors and Scents” are able to unleash the imagination, creating a link between smell and images. To the colors we associate meanings and symbolism, but also the scents trigger similar reactions in our brain and often link these to various shades or images.

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