Reisen und Geheimnis

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InArte Werkkunst Gallery in Berlin is proud to present “Reisen und Geheimnis” (Travel and Mystery), a collective exhibition all about the joys of traveling to known and unknown places!
28.04.2017 – 20.05.2017
Vernissage 28.04.17 at 19:00 at our venue!
Francesco Barillà
Giampiero Brunelli
Carlo Fratti
Giorgio Maggiorelli

With spring comes the joy of travel and with travel comes the very human and artistic will to discover the unknown and with the unknown comes the joy of looking mystery straight in the eyes.It doesn’t matter if the unknown is outside ourselves or inside of our own mind, for these artists it is all the same; the artistic potential remains untouched.Come to InArte Werkkunst Gallery and travel with us into the mind of these artists and experience what they have experienced.

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