Il rumore del silenzio – solo exhibition Enzo Crispino


Il rumore del silenzio

Solo exhibition by Enzo Crispino

10th – 23rd June, 2017

Opening on Saturday 11th H.18.30

InArte Werkkunst Gallery is pleased to present Il Rumore del Silenzio, Enzo Crispino’s solo exhibition.

Crispino, photographer, artist represented by InArte Werkkunst gallery.

Crispino will present 3 projects: the main one is IL RUMORE DEL SILENZIO exhibited in the first floor of the gallery with 16 FineArt prints.

The project is inspired by verses from a poem by the italian poet Alda Merini.

Work can induce to reflect on how hectic our current daily life is.

Crispino emphasizes the sense of loss that pervades us making us fragile, and the need to find our egoWe are looking for something that is so difficult to identify, the need to search ourselves in our own passed life that is anchored to our memories. Searching for that something which can only be find in silence ….

In the hall below of the gallery, Crispino presents two other projects: E’ Sospeso il Tempo,

Introduced by Sentimento del Tempo by the italian poet Giuseppe Ungaretti and VEGLIA, title taken from

Cima Quattro on December 23, 1915.



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