Recycling-In the eyes of women – Milva Botticelli


InArte Werkkunst Gallery is proud to host, in its venue in Berlin, the solo Exhibition of the italian Artist

Milvia Botticelli

“Recycling-In the eyes of women“

Vernissage, h. 19:00, Friday 6 October 2017.

Artist of incredible innovative thinking, Milva Botticelli has always worked with Fabrics and materials to rapresent images of the world. In a world were consumerism is making our life more and more artificial, unhealthy and against nature, the theme of recycling is stronger than ever. This October we are esperiencing Recycling through the eyes of a woman with incredible sensibility towards this theme, sharing the message of the reuseing of waste materials for both practical and artistic purposes. Mother nature is represented by women figures on big canvases, made with pieces of wood covered with cloth from reused material. A symbol for what should be the relationship between human made products and nature.

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