A Breath of Art

A Breath of Art - final flyer

A Breath of Art

21st september – 20th october, 2018

Vernissage on 21.09.2018, 06.30p.m.

InArte Werkkunst Gallery is proud to present “A Breath of Art”, the first group exhibition with a select group of artists:

From Denmark, Eskild Beck:

Experienced in restoration and museum-design. Eskild uses all kinds of styles, materials, and technical skills, in painting, drawing, sculpture and photo, to reflect on man and his place in this universe. Mostly working in series, with topics like population/megacities, astronauts/starships, nature/perishability, etc…

From Canada, Johny Deluna:

Painting since he was only 4 years old, Johny is obsessed with his craft. Mr. Deluna brings a dreamworld of colors and characters into his art with a technique that mixes abstract imagery and poetry for every audience.

From Italy, Tommaso Arscone:

Born in Genoa, self-taught painter, Tommaso uses different techniques such as acrylic, oil brush, oil spatula, airbrush, ink, pastel, charcoal, pencil and painting on different materials: canvas, table, prepared paper, copper, slate, plaster, leather, aluminum, plexiglass. Over the years his works evolved in pursuit of shades, shapes, light, harmony, optical illusions and colors in subjects such as bodies, female faces, old men, hands, either marked by wrinkles, or painted as a flat surface, or using contrasts of colors derived from the bright lights.

From Italy, Giulio Centurelli:

Giulio Centurelli, born in Bergamo (IT), in 1987 – is a self thought artist who started his career with poetry and photography, driven by a profound personal examination of existence and the complex relationship between himself and society.

From Malta, Patrick Dalli:

Born in Malta in 1955, Patrick Dalli is a painter specialised in the figurative arts. His artistic career in figurative arts began at the age of sixteen, to then, in 1995, participate in a painting class held by Anton Calleja, where his passion for the artistic nude emerged. Over the course of his career, he has become known as the painter who examines the naked human body in all its aspects.

From Austria, David Hinterkörner:

David Hinterkörner is an artist who is searching for the perfect combination of structure, colour and feeling. His works establish a deep involvement with the viewers, both on an emotional aspect and on an intellectual one.

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