Pop Art

Pop Art Group Exhibition 
From 30.11.2018 to 22.12.2018
at Werkkunst Gallery Hamburg
Vernissage on the 30th of November, from 19h to 22h. 
The very definition of Pop Art defines the genre as art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values. This exhibition is bringing you all this and much more. With artists from all over the globe showing you their very particular interpretation of Pop Art.

Francesca Falli (Italy)

Francesca Falli lives and works in L’Aquila (Italy). She studied advertising and graphics at the European Institute of Design in Rome and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts.

The activity of graphic designer did not prevent her from regularly feeding her original artistic research. At this moment her reflection/experimentation is aimed at digital collage and graphic design has a fundamental role in her works. The works of the most recent years, of the series “computerized mirrors”, are representative of this state of indeterminacy in which the city but also the mood of its inhabitants is feeling, influencing each other, and representing the confusion of her city. The mirrored material produces two effects, that of “observing” but also of crossing it and “going beyond”. Falli has a particular fondness for the mirrored material for the optical effects it produces, for the produced volumes, for the objects not present in the work that become an integral part of the same.

Marie Pol (Russia)

Born and trained in St.Petersburg, Russia, Marie now lives in the sunny Singapore where she does what she loves the most – painting.

She first learnt oil painting from established Russian artists and spent many years studying European art and literature in the St.Petersburg State University.

Marie draws her inspiration from the French and Russian modernism in both the choice of the subject matter and the bold expressionist style. Each of her paintings is infused with love as she believes that the true purpose in life consists of two things: free love and creative labor.

Before becoming a professional artist, Marie Pol has built a successful career at a global management consulting firm.

Maaike Ottoy (Belgium)

Twenty five years old and diagnosed with autism, after being hospitalised for one year Maaike first approached her craft as a “creative therapy”. After every session, Maaike experimented expressing different ways to express her feelings through her collages and in time, learned to use the creation process to keep away dark thoughts as she kept her mind busy with her creations.

Hector McLean (UK)

Hector McLean is a young, emerging painter who uses a range of painting materials. His artwork experiments with colour and structures and the figures that occupy those structures.

The artist composes scenes that collide the banality of everyday life with cinematic and commercial components. His ambiguous narratives create thought provoking yet accessible images that look to draw the viewer in.

Sarah Willard (Italy)

Sarah Laura Nesti Willard has been working as a free-lance illustrator, graphic artist and muralist in different European countries before becoming an art educator in 2009. She had specialized in Animation and Book Illustration from Kingston University and afterwards she received a Master in Visual Communication & Design from the Royal College of Arts in London. Sarah is currently working as an instructor in the Fine Arts Department at the United Arab Emirates University.

Benyi Sabanya (Chile)

Sabanya is a 28 years old artist from Chile. He graduated as an architect in Santiago, Chile in 2015. His artist career started after he moved to Melbourne, Australia, in 2016, there he got interested in ink and its possibilities, expressing it through drawings and murals. As a self taught artist, theres still a lot to study. Today Sabanya is looking to develvs new techniques of working with charcoal and life drawings.

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