Daniela Moretti’s New Perspectives


New Perspectives

Daniela Moretti solo exhibition

January, 12th – February, 8th, 2019

Inauguration on Saturday January, 12th, H.06.30p.m.

With the series of exhibitions entitled “New Perspectives” at ArtLuxury in Milan and InArte Werkkunst

Gallery in Bergamo, Daniela Moretti puts the viewer in front of a different view from everyday life, towards

a new perception. Seeing things in a new perspective in an ironic mix between nature and creativity, the

steal the beautiful from imperfections and “seize the moment”.

Daniela Moretti is the winner of the second edition of Nowart in Matera, for the photography section, with the

All In One Second project. Always passionate about photography, painting and nature, some years ago he decided to

show to the public his works that had initially been exhibited on small display occasions in his

province of residence (Cuneo). With the passing of the years, he started to participate in important fairs like

Paratissima Torino (2016), exposing photographs that represent imaginary figures that emerge from the

bark of the plane trees affected by Ceratocystis fimbriata, also known as colored cancer

plane tree. In 2017, he again participated in Paratissima Torino with a project dedicated to the eyes and the

looks of animals. Particularly intense are the eyes that present themselves as mirrors reflecting what

he proposes it before him. This latest project was exhibited at some exhibitions in Matera and

in Bergamo.

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