Caos: Aquila 10 years later I Francesca Falli and Francesco Loliva


On April 6th, 2009 the earth trembled in L’Aquila. A jolt of magnitude 6.5 threw down houses, buildings and churches. The city suffered with 309 dead.

Can art soothe this pain?

Two artists of different genres merge their works to share their vision on the effects of the disaster.

On the one hand there is Francesca Falli and her Pop Art with its chickens as well as chaotic, distorted and exaggerated landscapes which express the physical and abstract chaos caused by the earthquake that struck her home.

On the other side Francesco Loliva, a photographer, who, with his shots, judiciously compares the brutal and unstoppable force of nature with the desire and ability for reconstruction that man possesses.

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