R.U.A. I Re Use Art


Scraps, objects, ecology of Contemporary Art

InArte Werkkunst Gallery

September 28th – October 25 th 2019

It is estimated that in the United States only a third of the total quantity of plastic bottles produced is correctly sent for recycling.

The widespread perception is that once they finish their task they become worthless objects.

Starting from this premise, the objective of Inarte Werkkunst Gallery is to promote the themes of sustainable development, fostering greater awareness and stimulating artists’ commitment in this direction, through the use of the artistic medium, as a potential dissemination and dissemination tool of issues related to the great global challenges. Through the search for re-use material, the degraded object thus takes on another face, revived through a work of art.

You can create a work of art from any object or material thrown away, the important thing is to give new life to these objects, in a sort of Duchampian ready-made. Art becomes a means of raising awareness about recycling.

Different artistic languages ​​will investigate the relationship between man-nature-object in an exhibition from September 28th to October 25th at InArte Werkkunst Gallery.

The event is sponsored by Lega Ambiente Bergamo and with the special presence of the Austrian artist Alper Dostal, author of the Hot Art Exhibition digital art project, in which the works show the hypothetical effects of climate change on the milestones of the modern Art.

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