Lavinia Longhetto


LAVINIA LONGHETTO is a multifaceted artist and photographer. She lives and works between Treviso, Venice and Reggio Calabria (Italy). Lavinia graduated in Art Graphic at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where she learned to embrace different media and styles for her artistic expression. Drawing is her main work tool, with which she represents exasperated human bodies subjected to the consequences of time and violence.

In 2012, the artist founded her first full-fledged and constantly evolving social art project, which goes through different stages of experimentation and artistic expression.

The unique graphic sign of Lavinia, filiform and articulated, gives shape and expression to the body and its joints.

The material element given by the gauze is essential in many of her works, particularly in the series CORPI ORGANICI”.

In her works, Lavinia mixes her many influences from her beloved and studied artists such as Egon Schiele, Francesca Woodman, Arnulf Rainer, Alberto Giacometti.

The artists‘s photographic path is, unlike the drawings, less impactful, more “clean”, with a particular view of the surrounding world, its architectures, and the bodies themselves.

Lavinia Longhetto is an artist of the InArte Werkkunst Gallerys Team.

She has exhibited at numerous collective and personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Lavinia is winner at the competition Institutional Exhibition for commemorating the centenary of the First World War, with the conceptual work “Tensione Carsica”; semifinalist at the Arte Mondadori 2015 prize; has been selected at the international competition “H2O- Human Rights” in Rovereto (Italy) established by AIAPI partner Unesco; has exhibited the photographic project “Body in Berlin” at the German venue in Berlin of InArteWerkkunst Gallery and will present her personal exhibition at the Bergamo venue of InArte Werkkunst Gallery in October.

Currently, the artist, alongside her artistic path, works as a teacher of art therapy and recycling.


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