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Milvia Botticelli was born in Florence where she also completed her studies. After high school graduation she attended specialized courses (under the patronage of the Municipality of Florence) for the teaching of expressive and artistic activities to the children of the Elementary Schools. Moving to Bergamo she continued teaching expressive and artistic activities for many years during which has experimented with new techniques and painting for pleasure. One time she felt the need to deepen her knowledge of the art world. For six years she regularly studied the paintings of a well-known painter from Bergamo. Hereafter she moved to Cortona (Italy) where, for a period of time she attended the Studio of a local painter, an esteemed modern “Macchiaiolo”. Her works are been carried out with mixed techniques Including the use of fabric, but also other materials which, day by day, are subject to experimentation and research.

The paintings are made on wood or canvas using mostly mixed media: oil, acrylic, fabric, jute, gypsum and sometimes also wire mesh. Sometimes she painted and pasted these materials on normal tissue. Among her works are present paintings made by using old photos of the pre-war period reported on canvas in an expanded size, on which the artist intervened with oil paints and mixed techniques.

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