Werkkunst Gallery

Werkkunst Gallery arrives in Hamburg in August 2018 eager to become a new cultural hub in the city. Beyond the primary role of an art gallery, the goal is to bring together fine arts, music, theater, new medias and of course, the community.

Our gallery is the German branch of InArte Werkkunst Gallery with headquarters in the beautiful Bergamo in Italy. Operating since 2004, InArte is reference for stablished and upcoming artists all over Italy, not only for the staff worth of art specialists, but also for the real love for fine arts that pushes the business into continuous growth.

Werkkunst Gallery offers artists an alternative to exhibit in the mainstream gallery scene with open calls for group and solo shows, providing pricing advise, curating and promoting with the specialized media and press.

Romullo Azaro is the one in charge of Werkkunst Gallery Hamburg. Originally from Brazil, Mr. Azaro made a career as art consultant in New York and brought his expertise to Germany when he moved in June 2017.

Much more than an art gallery, Werkkunst Gallery is here to become a new attraction in Hamburg and we welcome all of you to come by and have fun, enjoy beautiful art, good music and interesting people.

Upcoming Group show in Hamburg:

-Women in Art: 18.01.2019 – 16.02.2019

-Nowart: 04.05.2019 – 24.05.2019

-Kopfe VI: 31.05.2019 – 21.06.2019

For info write to:

info@inartewerkkunst.com /romullo@inartewerkkunst.com

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Werkkunst Gallery

Eppendorfer Weg 235
20251 Hamburg
E. romullo@inartewerkkunst.com
E. info@inartewerkkunst.com
Berlin, Germany

Open from Tuesday to Saturday:02.00pm.-06.00pm.
Closed on Sunday and Monday.



Pop Art

Pop Art Group Exhibition  From 30.11.2018 to 22.12.2018 at Werkkunst Gallery Hamburg Vernissage on the 30th of November, from 19h to 22h.  The very definition of Pop Art defines the genre as art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a......

Women in Art

Women in Art Group Exhibition  From 18.01.2019 to 16.02.2019 at Werkkunst Gallery Hamburg Vernissage on the 18th of January, from 19h to 22h.  Dialogue on the theme of “Woman in Art” from 5.00 pm with the artists present Werkkunst Gallery joins the discussion “what does it......

The delicate wild world of Beatrice Corradi dell’Acqua

The delicate wild world of Beatrice Corradi dell’Acqua Beatrice Corradi dell’Acqua’s solo exhibition 21 February – 21 March, 2019 Opening Thursday, February 21 H.06.30p.m. Beatrice Corradi Dell’Acqua is an Italian artist who lives and works in Milan. She developed a strong interest in art at......

Caos: Aquila 10 years later I Francesca Falli and Francesco Loliva

On April 6th, 2009 the earth trembled in L’Aquila. A jolt of magnitude 6.5 threw down houses, buildings and churches. The city suffered with 309 dead. Can art soothe this pain? Two artists of different genres merge their works to share their vision on the effects......

Nowart Hamburg

Nowart Hamburg 4 May I 06.00 p.m. Vernissage InArte Werkkunst Gallery awaits you for the inauguration of the second cycle of Nowart at the Werkkunst Gallery Hamburg. On show 24 European artists each with different art forms. Here the selected artists: Eleonora Gianfermi, Daniela Moretti,......

From an alien’s point of view I Torge Steffens’s solo exhibition

From an alien’s point of view Torge Steffens’s solo exhibition 7 I 29 June, 2019 Opening Friday June, 7th, 7-10pm Werkkunst Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Torge Steffens “From an alien’s point of view” who through his works he looks at humanity......

Nooksack Harvest I David Syre

David Syre: Nooksack Harvest July 17–August 14, 2019 Vernissage: July 17, 2019 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. Werkkunst Gallery is pleased to announce Nooksack Harvest, the first solo exhibition in Germany of the American artist David Syre, featuring a selection of paintings and drawings that......

Visions and Colors I Dimitri Milesi

Visions and Colors Dimitri Milesi’s solo exhibition 5 – 12 July, 2019 Opening Friday July, 5th, 7-10pm Werkkunst Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Dimitri Milesi “Visions and Colors”. The solo exhibition of Dimitri Milesi groups all the works in a single......

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