Thoma Figuretti


Thoma Figuretti (nee Massimo Figuretti) was born in Rome on 17th June 1963.
He studied at the Rome Institute of Art, a Roman school which at the time had teachers like Eliseo Mattiacci and Achille Pace. He graduates first as a master of art and secondly, two years later he completes his artistic diploma.


In around 1980, still very young, he becomes a member of the “Collettivo d’Espressione Artistica” a group of artist with whom he exhibits some of his works in the squares of some cities and towns in Lazio. In 1987 he moves closer to the Plexis group from Rome, while simultaneously starting his career as an illustrator and graphic designer. In this role he worls for many studies around Rome until he opens his own (studio grafico Stuart) in 1990.


in 1992 he start a cultural association called Mentelocale, with it’s own self titled magazine about art and culture. Even the young director Paolo Virzi published some articles in the magazine. He also uses it as a method to promote his exhibitions. In 1998 he moves to Bergamo here, other than working as an illustrator and Art Director for local advertising companies, he begins a new and constant painting activity. His exhibition with Artepiù (Esposizione Minima) is followed in 2002 by an individual exhibition in Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe in Bergamo’s Città Alta called “Gente Distratta” (Distracted People), followed a couple of years later by an individual exhibition with the Borgo d’Oro Arte Gallery called “Percorsi” (Paths). His near obsessive search for shapes and material will bring him to 2012 year in which he start to dedicate himself to mosaics. The tiles used for the mosaic are all made by the artist himself in every step of the procedure. Starting from mosaic he began to experiment with other materials such as molten glass and glass paste. He currently works as Art Director and owner of the “Studio Figuretti Graficus” agency, and musical director of both the “Redona Suona” and the “Bergamo Beatles Festival” music events.