Ursprung – solo exhibition of Vittorio D’Ambros

front flyer D'Ambros (1)

InArte Werkkunst Gallery is proud to host, in its venue in Berlin, the solo exhibition of the Italian sculptor Vittorio D’Ambros:



Vernissage, h.19.00, Friday 21 July 2017.


After winning the “NowArt” exhibitions event in 2016 (1st Prize) with the presence of the Italian art critic Vittorio Sgarbi; Vittiorio D’Ambros, an innovative artist with high stylistic impact, proposes his sculptures at a personal exhibition in the venue of InArte Werkkunst Gallery in Berlin.

Ursprung collects the most beloved artworks of the artist, a collection of sculptures or, as best indicated by the artist, “impronte” (imprints) that break through the two-dimensional space of aluminum or stainless steel plates creating human figures in three-dimensional space. A sculptural art that creates, or better originates (ursprung) human beings or parts of them, triggering all the emotions that belong to the human race.

To Vittorio D’Ambros we can recognize a sculptural art of high visual impact and highly recognizable, a sculpture of  sometimes classic characteristics but with a contemporary flavor.