1 agosto 2017

Spettri di realtà – Solo exhibition Matteo Agarla

Spettri di realtà Solo exhibition by Matteo Agarla 09th – 22nd september, 2017 Opening on Saturday 09th H.18.30   InArte Werkkunst Gallery is pleased to present Spettri di realtà, Matteo Agarla’s solo exhibition. Agarla, photographer, artist represented by InArte Werkkunst gallery. The works presented in Bergamo are divided into 4 strands: Nature Colors, Dark Side, The Endless...

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front flyer D'Ambros (1)
21 luglio 2017

Ursprung – solo exhibition of Vittorio D’Ambros

InArte Werkkunst Gallery is proud to host, in its venue in Berlin, the solo exhibition of the Italian sculptor Vittorio D'Ambros:   "Ursprung" Vernissage, h.19.00, Friday 21 July 2017.   After winning the "NowArt" exhibitions event in 2016 (1st Prize) with the presence of the Italian art critic Vittorio Sgarbi;...

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14 giugno 2017

Still Life

InArte Werkkunst Gallery is proud to present Still Life, a select group of international artists who share similar as well as divergent concerns in their Still life’s concept.  23.06.2017 – 15.07.2017 Vernissage 23.06.17 alle 19:00 Artists: Cecilia Corso Serena Repetto Marta Wapiennik Daò - Daniela Romanò Liliana Santandrea Marco Guglielmi They together share the active...

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6 giugno 2017

Il rumore del silenzio – solo exhibition Enzo Crispino

Il rumore del silenzio Solo exhibition by Enzo Crispino 10th - 23rd June, 2017 Opening on Saturday 11th H.18.30 InArte Werkkunst Gallery is pleased to present Il Rumore del Silenzio, Enzo Crispino’s solo exhibition. Crispino, photographer, artist represented by InArte Werkkunst gallery. Crispino will present 3 projects: the main one is IL...

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19 maggio 2017

VEREINTE FRAGMENTE – Solo exhibition Dimitri Milesi

InArte Werkkunst Gallery is proud to present the solo exhibition of one of its most prolific and influential artists: Dimitri Milesi “Vereinte Fragmente” Vernissage H.19.00 - May, on Friday 26th Dimitri Milesi's solo exhibition brings together all his works in one unique environment, first, presented in a solo exhibition...

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bianca corretto
3 maggio 2017

Oltreverso – Solo exhibition of Silvia Gaffurini

Personal exhibition of Silvia Gaffurini introducted by Denis Curti 11th - 26th,  May 2017 Vernissage on Thursday 11 at 07:00.p.m.   InArte Werkkunst Gallery is proud to present Oltreverso, a personal exhibition by Silvia Gaffurini, introduced by Denis Curti, photographic culture expert and editor of many important exhibitions throughout Italy, who will...

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front flyer Travel
21 aprile 2017

Reisen und Geheimnis

InArte Werkkunst Gallery in Berlin is proud to present “Reisen und Geheimnis” (Travel and Mystery), a collective exhibition all about the joys of traveling to known and unknown places! 28.04.2017 - 20.05.2017 Vernissage 28.04.17 at 19:00 at our venue! Artists: Francesco Barillà Giampiero Brunelli Carlo Fratti Giorgio Maggiorelli With spring comes the...

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20 aprile 2017

Collective Photo Exhibition

InArte Werkkunst Gallery presents Collective Photo Exhibition April, 22 nd – May 5th InArte Werkkunst Gallery is proud to present an Collective Photo Exhibition which expose 11 artists: Agarla Matteo, Brugali Beatrice, Cachemaille Gregoire, Crispino Enzo, Gaffurini Silvia, Ginevra Michele, Martini Federica, Nozza Roberta, Rossi Mario, SC-art, Zisa Sandro. [envira-gallery id="22918"]...

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17 marzo 2017

Farben und Düfte – Opening 24.03.17 at 19.00

InArte Werkkunst Gallerie in Berlin is proud to present Farben und Düfte “Colors and Scents”, a collective exhibition all about Spring! 24.03.2017 - 15.04.2017 Vernissage 24.03.17 at 19:00 at our venue! Artists: Daniela De Candia Giorgio Gost Giovanna Silvestri Marco Locatelli   Spring is coming and InArte Werkkunst Gallery opens an exhibition by welcoming the...

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flyer fronte
17 marzo 2017

All colors of Utopia – Roberto Carlocchia

InArte Werkkunst Gallery presents All colors of Utopia: Dreams, colors and visual metephors in the world of Roberto Carlocchia March, 25 th - April 7th This exhibition is a journey through interesting artworks, linked by figures and symbols, which create sensations and develop messages of freedom, social...

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1 marzo 2017

Köpfe V

InArte Werkkunst Gallerie in Berlin is proud to present Köpfe V, fifth edition of a collective exhibition all about heads! 03.03.2017 - 18.03.2017 Vernissage 03.03.17 at 19:00 at our venue!   Artists: Enrico Saresini Federico Rispoli Silvia Gaffurini Gemma Manzoni Ivan Maggi Silvia Alessi Lavinia Longhetto Stella Ranza Claudio Pellegrini Anto Adg Egon & Edgar Zippel   Köpfe V is a collective exhibition...

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6 febbraio 2017

Frammenti Unificati – Dimitri Milesi

The solo exhibition of Dimitri Milesi groups all his artworks in one time and place. Born from the desire to unite all of his work, communicating a positive message through the triad: work, work and audience. The message who Dimitri Milesi want send to people is positive,...

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3 febbraio 2017

TANZ UND BEWEGUNG – Dance and Movement

InArte Werkkunst Gallerie in Berlin is proud to present TANZ UND BEWEGUNG, Dance and Movement group show. 10.02-25.20.2017 Opening 10.02.17 at 19:00 Artists: Matteo Agarla Lucia Albertini Pasqualino Mauri Lavinia Longhetto Stella Ranza Eugenio Cerrato Claudio Pellegrini TANZ UND BEWEGUNG is a collective exhibition of 7 artists, that will take place at the InArte Werkkunst gallery, Berlin....

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16 gennaio 2017

La Bellezza nel Mondo personale del Maestro Finardi a Bergamo dal 21.01.2017

InArte Werkkunst Gallery is pleased to present the artist Ivo Finardi, with a solo exhibition from January 21 to February 3.

With passion, dedication and also a sense of play, became deeply involved in the creation of landscapes, characters and personalities, portraits and objects of his passions, such as horses. His painting is characterized through a not inconsiderable power of color, making every landscape and every person unique.

From beach houses to the mountain lakes, the horses in the race in the spring, the stream flowing in the fall. By the beauty of Anna, the innocence of a child.

Wherever the eye rests, there is beauty. The world is innocent!

Despite the man! "La Bellezza nel Mondo", "The Beauty in the World" the solo exhibition of the artist I. Finardi, in Bergamo. Vernissage and Opening Party on Saturday January, 21,  2017 h.18:30
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16 gennaio 2017


The "European Union of Art Experts" met in order to choose the three winners,  here below  the names of the winners: First prize: Vittorio d'Ambros (sculpture); Second prize: Enzo Crispino (photography); Third prize: Roberto Carlocchia (painting); We would like to remind all the participants of the latest edition held...

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12 dicembre 2016

VISIONEN & FICTION la personale del Maestro Roberto Carlocchia a Berlino

VISIONEN & FICTION from 17th to 31th December, the solo exhibithion of the artist  Roberto Carlocchia, in the German Gallery INARTE WERKKUNST Otawiestr. 3 Berlin. VISIONS & FICTION "Images and stories of ordinary utopias" "Visions & Fictions" is a path of images and colors, expressed as surreal and fantastic stories of ordinary utopias, that...

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12 dicembre 2016


SAVE THE DATE: 15 DICEMBRE 2016 - NOWART Ci vediamo tutti il 15 alle 15 presso la sede principale di InArte Werkkunst Gallery in Piazzale Loverini 3 Bergamo per la terza tappa del circuito NOWART,  2016. Come per i vernissage precedenti, anche questa vota a presentare gli artisti...

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28 novembre 2016


From December 2nd "MATERA MATERICA" by Lia Stein, in Berlin till December 16th 2016 See Matera and you will be struck by its painfully moving and significant beauty.”   The great writer Primo Levi only needed three words to void “beauty” of its superficial and general characteristic. Thus, how can photography,...

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28 settembre 2016


InArte Werkkunst Gallery reminds to everyone, friends, artists and art lovers, the appointment for the second stage of the international exhibitions circuit NOWART to be held on October 4 at the Mediolanum Art  Gallery of Padua, Piazzetta Bussolin 15 around  h. 16: OO.  Again, as the Lombard edition, to open the Venetian Vernissage, we will have with us the famous historian and art critic prof.Vittorio Sgarbi, the prof. Stefano Liberati (President of the European Union Experts ofArt) and the  the Art Expert and President of INARTE Galleries WERKKUNST Antonello Diodato Guardigli. Special Guest the sculptor Giuliano Ottaviani. Finissage Sunday,...

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28 settembre 2016


InArte Werkkunst Gallery ha il piacere di presentare Marion Schmidtke per "Oceani e Paesaggi" in sede a Bergamo dall'8 al 21 ottobre 2016.  In mostra due serie distinte delle sue opere che si alternano tra fondali marini e paesaggi naturistici che l'artista ha ritratto nella splendida isola di...

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29 giugno 2016

Call For Artists

Are you looking to partecipate in a creative collective exhibition? InArte Werkkunst gallery is looking artists to expose in Berlin Oct 07, 2016 - Oct 29, 2016 More information: Deadlines: 30 July 2016 ...

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1 maggio 2016

NOWART Opening Party with Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi

InArte Werkkunst Gallery is pleased to invite at its main office in Piazzale Loverini 3 - Bergamo at h. 18:30, all friends, artists and contemporary art lovers the Opening party of the first stage of NOWART, international exhibitions circuit presented by noted art critic, prof....

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15 marzo 2016


Affordable Art Fair Milan. In a few days AAF will be back to fill the warehouses of SuperStudio Più with the most entertaining contemporary art event of the city InArte Werkkunst awaits you in booth i8, with a photo only stand where we are proud to exhibit the...

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18 febbraio 2016


With the NOWART circuit, the InArte Werkkunst Gallery, who boast many years of experience in the arts sector, has dedicated itself to the enhancement of emerging contemporary artists proposing events of international importance. The program of 2016 NOWART offers various exhibitions, all with the presence...

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1 dicembre 2015

“The Great War” in December 2015, Sarnico (BG)

In continuation from the exhibition which just ended in Rivoli (TO), InArte Galleries proposes "The Great War". In the beautiful setting of Lake Iseo, at the Cultural Center Sebinia (former Church Madonna Nigrignano) in Sarnico (BG). The inauguration and presentation were curated by the historian...

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23 ottobre 2015

“The Great War” in November 2015, in Rivoli (TO)

The primary objective of more than ten years of the founder of INARTE Galleries is to promote, through important cultural projects supported by institutional bodies, the artistic expressions of the new contemporary authors who, today in the age of globalization face the world stage with...

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30 ottobre 2014

ART Prof. Giorgio Grasso

InArte Gallery recommends ART, an international magazine of Contemporary Art curated by Prof. Giorgio Grasso, in a look to deepen arguments, philosophy of art and artistic policies. ART is valuable tool for anyone who wants to delve into contemporary artistic thought, the magazine is not...

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15 settembre 2014

Opening new offices in Berlin

From September 4 th we are holding our first exhibition at our headquarters in Berlin, in collaboration with the Werkkunst Art Gallery. Among the personalities present at this event the mayor of the German capital, dr. Christian Hanke and Mrs. Uelker Akog, pictured with one...

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20 giugno 2014

InArte Gallery meets Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus Foundation

Yesterday, June 19th, 2014, the InArteGallery artists: Angelo Savarè, Lazarus Fornoni, Antonello Diodato Guardigli (aka ADG) and Ludmilla Trofimova were welcomed into the Don Gnocchi Foundation in the presence of Monsignor Angelo Bazzari and Dr. Stephen Malfatti. Read More or browse the photo gallery. [envira-gallery id="17610"]...

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19 giugno 2014

Gratitude from the Vatican

We publish this article Letter of gratitude received by the Vatican State for Diodato Antonello Guardigli (aka known as ADGuardigli) and Davide Beretta who, during the year 2011, donated their works "Christ" and "Benedict XVI" to his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, as act of devotion...

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5 maggio 2014


As part of the initiatives promoted by InArte Gallery to be held soon, at our premises a live performance by the artists: ADGuardigli, Salvatore D'Anna, Angelo Savarè, David Beretta, Lazarus and Viveka Assembergs. In an event entitled "The Multiple Meanings of Art"....

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5 maggio 2014

Canonisation of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II

A little and excited delegation representing InArte Gallery will also be present at this historic event, with over one million faithful, from all over the world, in St. Peter's Square to attend the media event of Sunday, April 27, 2014, when Pope Francis joined by...

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4 aprile 2014

Don Gnocchi’s Companies.

The Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus Foundation certifies that InArte Gallery SRL supports the activities of the Foundation as a business registered in the "Don Gnocchi Companies program." This year we wanted to participate once again in this wonderful initiative....

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9 dicembre 2013


[caption id="attachment_17785" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] BREAKcm 70x100[/caption] [caption id="attachment_17789" align="aligncenter" width="610"] Aperol Terrace[/caption] HeART geography Waiting for the fourth edition of the Affordable Art Fair in Milan, Listen Club presents its monthly appointment with contemporary affordable art at the Aperol Terrace. A special aperitif, with accessible works which will be guests at...

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29 novembre 2013

Tribute to Marco Simoncelli

On the 27th November 2013, the representatives of InArte Gallery delivered the work "Tribute to Marco Simoncelli", by Antonello Diodato Guardigli (aka ADGuardigli) and Davide Beretta, to the Marco Simoncelli Foundation . The work, an inlay on wood, depicts Marco Simoncelli in one of his...

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